“Old Time Something Come Back Again!”


That was a line, made famous in Admiral Bailey’s 1988 standard ‘Nowhere No Better Than Yard’ which was recorded under the legendary King Jammy’s label.

In this morning’s Jamaica Star newspaper, Robert Malcolme aka Gullybop/Gullyman/Daddy Kartel/Countryman said the same thing of his sudden rise to prominence with his slack, ‘old time’ toasting style. He set the internet ablaze last week, when his freestyle video went viral:

Due to his unkempt appearance in the video, eccentric stance and wild lyrical prowess to boot, he has been informally dubbed as a ‘madman’ (a term particularly used by Jamaicans to mean someone who is unkempt due to financial difficulty). Be that as it may, Gullyman is definitely a ‘diamond in the rough’ of sound mind, with a tremendous and timeless talent.

He has literally been pursuing a musical career since “19-longtime”. Many people won’t know that Gullyman actually performed at Reggae Sumfest and Reggae Sunsplash in 1992. Alongside his freestyle, videos can be seen of him voicing his disdain for fellow artist Alkaline, to slightly comical effect; he also commented that he wants to “wull Tommy Lee” in a lyrical clash. Gullyman may get the opportunity to do just that whilst gracing Jamaica’s performance circuit once again; it was recently confirmed that he has been booked for the annual ‘Sting’ stage-show (26th December 2014).

(Left) Laing, Sting Promoter/CEO of Supreme Promotions and Gullyman (right)

In the meantime, he has been busy in the studio recording jingles, dubplates and new material.
Dancehall’s legacy is underpinned with a gritty movement for justice, truth and rights – it has long been used as a platform to expose the harsh realities of life for working class people. This proverbial ‘rags to riches’ tale is a testament to the power of the music and the wealth of great opportunities that it provides. Don’t we all love a story with a happy ending, where the underdog finally gets to live their dream? The man’s life has changed and he is quoted to be “happy”, having “pinched himself and realised he’s not dreaming”.

One thought on ““Old Time Something Come Back Again!”

  1. Big Respect to GULLY MAN…
    and SPECIAL BIG UP to the man who video taped him and uploaded it on YouTube … he helped put a smile on all our faces, as well as MAY BE helped this man to live a more comfortable life.
    I guarantee you, when he goes on stage at STING, there will be a smile on EVERY face who watches it, whether live in the venue or on a screen somewhere far.
    We have once again the POWER of Real Authentic creative and undiluted DANCEHALL … (yes, that INCLUDES SLACKNESS ) ….
    Big Up GULLY MAN…. Gi dem ah slap. LOL


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