Gully Bop’s Girlfriend Turned Reggae Singer!


Over the last few months, the world has seen dancehall artist Gully Bop rise to prominence and he is rarely spotted without his manager and girlfriend/fiancée Shauna Chin by his side. They have certainly been a hot topic; with a 25 year age gap between them and the seemingly sudden onset of a marriage proposal, many have questioned the legitimacy of their relationship, calling the young lady’s intentions into question.


“I have been called a money-grabber and that I was just trying to get fame, but that’s not the case. I love him. We have both been through a lot so we blend well…it’s pure love” – Chin

Whilst patrons far and wide have long been aware of Gully Bop’s musical ability…who knew that Ms. Chin was an artist too? The pair, who have been dubbed ‘Dancehall’s newest power couple‘, released a collaboration last week ‘Over and Over’ – a cover version of the 2007 hit by Jamaican Pop-Reggae artist Tami Chynn.

The couple’s rendition has been racking up a few thousand hits on Youtube, mostly receiving favourable comments; one user commented “this girl is a real singer..listen her notes…dancehall females have competition” and another added “Gully bop can’t flop again. Chin can sing”. You be the judge – check out the track below :).


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