Gully Bop’s Girlfriend Turned Reggae Singer!


Over the last few months, the world has seen dancehall artist Gully Bop rise to prominence and he is rarely spotted without his manager and girlfriend/fiancée Shauna Chin by his side. They have certainly been a hot topic; with a 25 year age gap between them and the seemingly sudden onset of a marriage proposal, many have questioned the legitimacy of their relationship, calling the young lady’s intentions into question.


“I have been called a money-grabber and that I was just trying to get fame, but that’s not the case. I love him. We have both been through a lot so we blend well…it’s pure love” – Chin

Whilst patrons far and wide have long been aware of Gully Bop’s musical ability…who knew that Ms. Chin was an artist too? The pair, who have been dubbed ‘Dancehall’s newest power couple‘, released a collaboration last week ‘Over and Over’ – a cover version of the 2007 hit by Jamaican Pop-Reggae artist Tami Chynn.

The couple’s rendition has been racking up a few thousand hits on Youtube, mostly receiving favourable comments; one user commented “this girl is a real singer..listen her notes…dancehall females have competition” and another added “Gully bop can’t flop again. Chin can sing”. You be the judge – check out the track below :).


Krishane Surfs The Atlantic


This year, a lot of young artists of Jamaican descent have been reaping the fruits of their hard work and talent, proving themselves as forces to be reckoned with and landing lucrative record deals in the process. These include Samantha J’s signing to Columbia Records, Omi to Sony affiliate label Ultra Music and more recently Melissa Steel to Atlantic Records UK, who have now also snapped up twenty year old singer Krishane. He made the transition via a recording and publishing agreement that he had held with 1 2 One Entertainment.

As talented as he is, this is no ordinary young man; to be specific, Krishane is the son of the legendary reggae artist Barrington Levy. With that striking resemblance, one could have very well guessed the family connection!


This level headed young man shares some of the sound advice which his father once imparted to him: “Whatever you choose to do, do it 100% to the best of your ability. The aim of the game is to show no shame.”

That latter part rings in one’s ear like the shrill ‘whoaaa’ ad-libs which Barrington is known to have scatted across many classic tracks such as his cover of Bob Andy’s ‘Too Experienced’, ‘Under Mi Sensi’, ‘Murderer’ and ‘Here I Come’. And just as he began his career at a young age, as did Krishane who also adds “I’ve always had Dad as a backbone, as well as my Mum and the rest of my family”.

He has come a long way from being in his Mother’s tummy and kicking whenever he heard the sound of music. In 2011, Krishane migrated from his home in the Jamaican parish of Manchester to London, UK. Upon moving, he made an immediate transition into a higher education course, mindful of the moral prescription which many Jamaican youths hear from their parents: “mek sure yuh have somet’ing inna your head!”. Whilst doing so, much of his spare time was dedicated to singing.

Having worked with some notable producers such as Michael Angelo (Sam Smith and Tinie Tempah), young Master Levy is cementing a reputation as ‘one to watch’. Produced by Bless Beats, his fantastic debut single ‘Drunk & Incapable’ was premiered on Mista Jam’s show on BBC Radio 1xtra last month and officially released on October 12. This island pop/reggae track plays out a charming, initial exchange of sentiments between two sweethearts – a timeless concept. It also features Melissa Steel; the remix features iconic deejay Beenie Man.

He reflects on the building process behind the record: “It was a monumental moment. We were actually in the studio, vibing to Bob Marley when a melody came to me and I rushed to the piano and starting putting together some chords. By and by, the track just came together. Perhaps Bob’s spirit was with us that night”.

That may definitely be the case – the song’s authentic feel is unmistakable and compliments this Krishane’s silky smooth vocals and ‘sweet bwoy’ image.

Krishane has just returned from the Island where he shot the music video for this single in Kingston. He “had fun and worked hard” and is currently embarking on a UK radio promo tour.

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